Foreword by

Gregg W.Stone

Professor of Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center
The Cardiovascular Research Foundation, New York City, NY, USA.

Introduction by

Ferdinand Kiemeneij

Department of Interventional Cardiology
Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Présentation livre

Using this comprehensive approach,

Trans-Radial Interventions will become routine procedures.

While the interventional cardiology community has been busy with research to extend the scope of intervention to increasingly complex lesions and to vanquish restenosis, a quiet revolution has been underway. The transradial approach to percutaneous intervention (PCI), initially developed by a small group of dedicated pioneers, is now increasingly popular with interventionalists who aim to minimise bleeding complications while increasing patient comfort.

This volume, edited by Martial Hamon from the University Hospital, Caen, France and Eugène Mc Fadden from the university Hospital, Cork, Ireland, is aimed at experienced Interventional Cardiologists, attracted by the proven advantages of transradial access, at novices, for whom this approach will be an integral part of their future practice, and at Interventional Radiologists who have also adapted the technique for their specific needs.

Contributors from around the globe, including many of the pioneers of transradial access, have come together to provide a step-by step introduction to transradial access for the novice, and to address more complex aspects, faced by experienced operators, such as the approach to acute coronary syndromes and to complex multivessel PCI. In addition, the extension of the transradial approach to the realm of Interventional Radiology- carotid and renal intervention -is covered in a separate section. Each chapter is accompanied by colour illustrations and angiographic illustrations that both enhance the educational value and make the text extremely “user-friendly”.


1. Blood supply to the upper limb : Normal Anatomy
Martial Hamon, Eugene Mc Fadden

2. Radial access, compression techniques and complications
Eugene Mc Fadden, Martial Hamon

3. Setting-up a transradial program : management of the learning curve
Tift Mann

4. Right transradial approach : catheter selection and manipulation
Martial Hamon

5. The left transradial approach
Alice Ohanessian, Christian Spaulding, Olivier Varenne, Emmanuel Salengro, Philippe Allouch, Faycal Belaouchi, Cedric Gaultier

6. The Amplatz catheter as sole catheter for transradial coronary angiography
Yves Louvard

7. Looking for the ideal multipurpose catheter for transradial coronary angiography
Alexander Doganov

8. Radial approach to right heart catheterization
Ian C. Gilchrist

9. The ulnar artery as an alternative to the transradial approach
Eduardo Aptecar


10. Radial versus femoral approach for coronary interventions
Pierfrancesco Agostoni, Stefano Rigattieri, Giuseppe G.L. Biondi-Zoccai, Martial Hamon

11. Transradial coronary angioplasty : direct stenting
Francesco Burzotta, Martial Hamon

12. 5-French and Trans-radial approach
Martial Hamon

13. Optimizing guiding catheter back-up by transradial approach : review of potential advantages of dedicated curves for TRI
Yuri Ikari

14. Complex coronary angioplasty via the trans-radial approach
Martial Hamon, Eugene Mc Fadden

15. The trans-radial approach for CTO lesions
Shigeru Saïto

16. Unprotected left main stenting using the transradial approach
Faisal Sharif, Bruno Farah, Jean Fajadet

17. Transradial intervention for venous bypass graft lesions
Bruno Farah, Jean Fajadet, Jean Marco

18. Transradial approach for bifurcations lesions
Yuejin Yang, Sheng Kang, Bo Xu, Ted Lo, Martial Hamon

19. The radial approach for the diagnosis and treatment of supraaortic arterial lesions
Jacques Théron

20. Renal angioplasty via the transradial approach
Eugene Mc Fadden


21. Trans-Radial Intervention in Acute Coronary Syndromes Without ST Elevation
Martial Hamon, Guillaume Coutance, Javed Ehtisham

22. The radial approach in acute myocardial infarction
David Hilton

23. Radial approach in octogenarians
Stefano Rigattieri, Martial Hamon

24. Trans-radial approach for obese patients
Hakim Benamer, Yves Louvard

25. Transradial approach in women
Christian Pristipino, Carlo Gonnella

26. The Transradial approach for patients with difficult femoral access
David Hildick-Smith


27. Difficult transradial peripheral anatomic situations
Thierry Lefevre, Yves Louvard

28. How to prevent and to manage radial artery spasm during coronary interventions
Olivier Varenne, Emmanuel Salengro, Remy Cohen, Gregory Schoukroun, Christian Spaulding

29. Percutaneous coronary interventions on outpatient basis
Ferdinand Kiemeneij

30. Quality of life and economic issues related to TRA
Christopher J. Cooper

31. Radiation protection in relation to transradial cardiac procedures
Ted S.N. Lo, James Nolan

32. Procedural Stroke : The role of access site in percutaneous coronary intervention
Martial Hamon, Guillaume Coutance, Javed Ehtisham, Michèle Hamon

33. Radial artery occlusion after TRI : new insights in overcoming this infrequent CTO 399
Avtandil Babunashvili, David Dundua, Zaza Kavteladze, Dmitriy Kartashov

34. Physiological and anatomic variations of the radial artery wall after catheterization
Marcelo Sanmartin, Javier Goicolea

35. Prevention of major bleeding in patients with acute coronary syndromes undergoing percutaneous intervention
Martial Hamon, Guillaume Coutance, Eugene Mc Fadden

36. TRA and TRI : summary of recommendations
Martial Hamon, Ted Lo, Angelos Sourgournis

37. Radial artery and coronary artery bypass surgery
Olivier Le Page

38. Anatomical Challenges in TRI Q&A
Javed Ehtisham, Martial Hamon